Sunday, 17 July 2011

Blog love!

Underbara Clara is a woman living in the north of Sweden with her husband, her son who is about the same age as Maja and her little dog. She runs a pretty famous blog and i think she is able to support herself and her family doing it. A lot of time she writes great articles about life and being a woman etc. and this one i like and agree with.
For those who dont read Swedish, the article is about how your baby is not born to be the centre of our life but more born to be part of our life and how it is important to keep a bit of yourself and not totally give yourself up to be a mom to maybe later let your child know that you gave everything up for them and that they should be grateful for it. Use the Google translator and read the whole article.

I think this is such an important point. Maja is the most amazing and cutest thing in the world and i could easily hold her all day and play with her and give her my full attention, but i try to stop myself from doing that. I think its good for her to grow up and to learn a bit of independence and to become comfortable with herself and to do things on her own. She is only small but it is important from the early go to show them the way to become happier and securer people when they grow up, and i think that by not giving my daughter the full attention all day, all the time, but to alway be there when she needs me, and let her play for herself and to make sure i am happy also, in the long run she will be a better person from it, i hope ; )

Arron and a pink teletubie down at Blairgowrie.
Photo; Jem  Selig

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