Wednesday, 15 June 2011

pimp my pram!

I finally finished the sleeping bag for the pram. After a lot of bad words and unpicking it is done and I'm super happy about it! But, yes there is a big but, i am gonna have to do a new one. I did sort know that this would have to be a prototype and i did a lot of things wrong and as you can see on the pic where Maja is in the pram it is a bit too tight around the waist ; ). So i will make a new one and this one will be perfect. Still, i am very happy about this one.

This morning me and Maja went to Artplay. We had one hour of dancing, singing and playing with fabrics etc, it was lovely.

Now I'm home and i will have a rest, still have a bit of a cold. My nipples are much better but still sore but I'm so happy its not as painful anymore.


  1. That sleeping bag is awesome do you have a pattern for it? x

  2. You've done a great job. It looks so cozy, I want to hop in there too. I'm also in Melbourne :)