Saturday, 16 July 2011


I changed the header, its a work in progress tho. A bit too cute, and it needs some more colour. But it will do for now, its time for bed and i have run out of ideas.

I made pizzas for dinner tonight. Very yummy. I got a new pizza dough recipe from a friend and it worked great. Whats even better about it is that we have got a lot left, that stores in the fridge and then we can make some more in a few days. Tonight we watched The Adjustment Bureau, it was pretty good, but something annoying is happening with some movies that we watch. They stop about ten minutes from the ending and we have to finish watching it on the computer. Its very frustrating.

So, maybe not the best pictures ever but here is the pizzas.
Potato, garlic and rosemary.

salami, olives and avocado.

Prosciutto, tomato, basil and rocket.

Ok, time for bed for me, night.

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