Saturday, 2 July 2011

I know!

I did say that this blog was going on holiday and it is, just a little bit later than thought. Tomorrow we will go down to the beach house. Arron is down there today setting up. So the deal is, One of Arrons bands is recording a CD and they have rented this awesome beach house to do it in. Arron said, I'm not going without my family! So we are going too. First I was a bit negative about it. A house full of musicians, recording and then me and the girls = a lot of noise, late nights and not fun when having a child. But i have changed my mind, I cant wait to get out of the city. if i could choose were we were to live it would be anywhere but a big city. I want fresh air and nature. So this will be a good opportunity to get it.
If it gets too loud inside we just go outside and if they stay up to late and everything is bad we just go home, but i think it will be great.

We borrowed these headphones from a friend, how good is she, look how she rocks!

Tonight i had the hardest put down of Maja ever! usually she falls asleep while i am putting her to bed but today something was wrong, after an hour and a half of her crying and me trying to get her to sleep i gave in and took her up in my arms, sang to her and she fell asleep and now she is in her bed sleeping. Its amazing how much i love this little person, and i am so lucky that she loves me and finds me so funny and that i can give her comfort. But sometimes it can get quite frustrating.

This is my little break from designing a new header, a print and some labels. My Illustrator skills are a bit rusty tho, but it is fun.

This is us, Maja is in a backpack that my Mum bought but i have put it on the front, you have to be two to put her at the back. 

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