Thursday, 31 March 2011


Im so tired, being a stay at home mum is hard work. Today i vacuumed and mopped the floors, did 1 load of washing, two walks with the dog and pram, some gardening, fixed up Maja's room, went food shopping and now im cooking dinner. In between all that i also fed Maja, fed my self and had great long and deep conversations with Maja. I think tomorrow will be a lazier day. Maybe i will watch Big Love and eat some scones. I love scones but we haven't had it for a while here, it feels like a winter food to me but now winter is on its way so tomorrow will be scones day.

Also found out that i am getting paid parental leave, yay. They have just introduced it here and we get $968 every fortnight for 18 weeks. Its not much compared to sweden but its so good for being here and it will definitely help us out a lot.

Ok, time for me to go back to cooking and Maja just started to cry.

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