Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Maja's room!

First part of Maja's room is ready. I made these paper flowers after seeing a picture on a blog, don't remember which one but then i did some research and found this site where is explains how you do them.

The paintings my husband made, i love the colours. The dinosaur we bought in a kids shop, it was more that me and Arron liked it. Maja is way to little for it but it looks nice.

Im just about to finish my mobile to have over the change table. I think i need Arrons help to hang it up tho so i probably wont have pictures to show you until tomorrow.

I have an hour left of Maja sleeping so i will try to get some design done for this blog too. One thing that i find a bit hard, or not really hard but now when being a stay at home mum i have soooooo many projects that i want to do but it doesn't seem like i have enough hours. I have the most amazing daughter who sleeps all night through and she is also very good at sleeping during the day or just hanging out with me when she is awake but i still have so much i want to do and i want it to be done now!

I have started on my little knitting project also. Talked to some ladies about it today, will let you know more when i know more but i am quiet excited.

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