Thursday, 31 March 2011


Yum, i just had my first scones in this house. The oven baked them perfectly. I was a bit worried because we have a really old gas oven that's really hard to bake with. To it i had my favorite chai, punjabi chai from Leaf Tea. How good is Big Love, the best. Is anyone else hooked?
Can you see Lena's ear?

My little darling.

Beautiful Park to walk in.

Lena, the crazy swimming dog.

Ok, so it doesn't look like its very steep but it was a VERY steep hill.

And an ever steeper hill on top with stairs at the top, phu

Went for a really big walk, the weather is amazing today. Sunny but not too hot. I think these big walks and all the big hills is the reason to why i was able to get into a pair of chinos yesterday for the first time in months. Even tho these chinos fell off me before i got pregnant i was super stoked that i could wear them, i am so sick of tights and skirts!

The little ones are sleeping and i have to choose between doing the dishes or doing some sewing, hmmmm hard decision.

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