Thursday, 31 March 2011


Today i am tired, had a bad sleep. Maja made a lot of noises during the night and I woke up and since it was really cold this night, 10 degrees, I got worried and had to get up and check on her and make sure she was ok, which of course she was. Then Lena woke me up at four and needed to go outside.
Here in Australia we wrap the babies when they go to sleep. I only do it for the night sleep and its amazing. At night, around 22.00 i feed her and then change her nappy, then I wrap her and put her to bed, turn of the light and leave the room and she falls asleep, most times. Sometimes i have to go back and i give her the dummy and then leave again. Then she sleeps all night through to about 7-8 in the morning.
One thing that i really don't like about living here is how cold it gets inside the houses during winter. They have no insulation whatsoever and we have only one gas-heater and that is in the living room. So you sort of always cold inside which i hate. I miss the Swedish way where you are inside and warm and cosy and then if you wanna go outside you put on a lot of clothes, here it sometimes feels like its colder inside then outside.

Maja under 4 layers of blankets. Diana, my mother in law have knitted a thick woolen blanket that hopefully will arrive today and that will keep her very warm i hope.

Last nights dinner was and easy one for me, since i was exhausted from my busy day i did cous  cous with roasted pumpkin and roasted tomato. It had a lot of other veggies in it too and some feta. It was very yummy. Its such an easy and quick thing to cook. It was probably missing some meat to it but i seriously couldn't be bothered. I am not a big fan of cooking. It always been Arron who have done the cooking and he is so good at it. I don't mind cooking every now and then but this everyday cooking i don't like at all but since he is working so much now and i am at home i have sort of had to start cooking a bit more and sometimes i like it but mostly i don't.

Well the sun is out now and Maja have been fed so i should go out for a walk and then i think its scones time. Didn't have them for breakfast, had my home made muesli, i was so hungry so i couldn't wait to eat.

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