Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Baked my sourdough yesterday and it failed. But i am not giving up, Im starting a new starter today, have done a lot of research on internet and read up on it so hopefully this will work. Our goal is to not buy any bread and just eat what I bake but as it is now that will have to wait a bit until i get this figured out.
Before Rebecka had Moa she worked for a company Mount Zero Olives who do  mostly olives and olive oil but they do other products as well and the owner Rick are organizing so that i can buy a 10 kg bag of organic rye flower for whole sale price. So good, especially since its so hard to find rye flower in the shops here.

Mothers group yesterday was great. A lot of cute babies and beautiful mums. One mum lives just a few houses away from me and she has two dogs so i have a walking partner there which is great.

Talked to mum on skype yesterday, how lucky are we to have skype. Its the best thing and it makes it easier to be so far away from family and friends. She said that Maja had grown a lot but also that she looks older in her face and i had a look at her and saw it took, her face have grown up a bit. Since im with her 24/7 i sometimes miss these things, its like you have to stop and really study her a bit.
Hur söt ar inte jag?

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  1. Hej!! Hon är ju så söt så man vill äta opp´na!! Det har du/ni gjort bra!! ;) Hoppas allt går bra med livet som mamma. Det är underbart!
    kram /Sara