Monday, 28 March 2011

I love my life!

I really do, i have the best life, the best husband, the best daughter, the best dog, the best family and the best friends. So lucky.

Sunday was a very quiet day here. Me and Arron both felt a bit sick so we just took it easy. In the evening we went for dinner at friends of Arrons place. They have twin boys that just over 15 months. They have just finished renovating their house and it is AMAZING! I forgot camera tho.

Sourdough starter

Yesterday i was going to finish my sourdough bread that i have been "brewing" but i realized i didnt have enough rye flour so i went to 4 shops to get some, noone had it. Searched on internet and found a place across the city who stocks it so we went for a little trip. Since we went across city we thought that we might as well go to IKEA. Last time i went to IKEA i found this amazing vase in the 'as is' corner for only $2. There is nothing wrong with it, it was an display item. The plants i found out on my walks and now i have this lovely arrangement at home for super cheap, yay.

 Plant arrangement in vase from IKEA
Today i drove Arron to work and then me, Maja and Lena went to the beach, it was so amazing. Forgot the camera, again. Note to self to take it with me all the time.

Oops, i have to run to my first mothers group meeting. Write more later.

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