Friday, 25 March 2011

High on sugar!

All dressed up for the party.
Thanks Bea for the dress.
Im super high on sugar. I think i have eaten enough for the rest of the year. Been to a 1 year birthday party. Lots of fun, lots of kids running around and LOTS of sugar. But since it was Moas birthday and her mum, Rebecka is Swedish too it was a lot of swedish cakes to i just had to try them all. Before i got pregnant i didn't really eat any sugar but then i got pregnant and i embraced the sugar. Now im trying to cut down on it again. But it is easier said then done. Especially when i have a sugar crazy husband. But since i am breast feeding and everything i eat Maja eat i want to get back to my healthy and yummy diet.
My two favorite people

Family, kärlek.

My little darling is sleeping now and my husband is off to his gig so its time for me to have some dinner and read a book i think and rest. To go to parties is very exhausting.

New toy

Also read a great comment on this blog. A lovely blog by what it seems a lovely girl in Sweden.

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