Saturday, 26 March 2011

Maja och Lena!

When i was pregnant everyone was so worried about how Lena would go with the baby. Even i got a bit worried. Lena is an amazing dog, so clever. We got her from a shelter when she was about 10 weeks. She is a bigger dog and she has so much energy and she is a bit crazy, personality plus!
Lena have been amazing with Maja, she really wants to lick her face and now she knows she is not allowed to, but she sneaks a lick in every now and then when she thinks we are not looking. Sometimes she sniffs Maja and she loves to sniff her nappies. But apart from that she couldn't care less. We still give her heaps of attention, go out for long walks and play so she is a very happy dog. I think that when Maja gets older that they are going to be best friends.

Best friend, YES!

The only thing that have been bad about it is all the hair Lena is losing right now. Maja have probably swallowed a whole dog of dog hair.

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