Friday, 1 April 2011


This is Zoe, Zoe and Lena were best friends, they always wanted to be together. She was such an amazing dog.
The same day that we found out that i was pregnant Zoe died. She escaped from our backyard while we were at work, got hit by a car and left to die on the street. She managed to get to the front door where Arron found her when he got home from work. We met up at the hospital but she was so badly hurt that we had to put her down. It felt so shit, it was like for a new life to begin one had to end.

The big chock for us too with finding out that i was pregnant was that about a week before i had been told that i had cysts on my ovaries and had to get them out before we could get pregnant. All this together and plus me being really sick from my pregnancy made it very hard to enjoy being pregnant. On top of that at 11 weeks one of my cysts burst so i had to have an operation. Before going into theatre i was told that there is an 80% chance that i will miscarry during operation. But Maja survived. She was one stubborn little girl who was determined to be part of our family and even tho we are missing Zoe we are so happy to have Maja!

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