Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Cot bumper!

We got this cute cot bumper from Diana, she got it from a friend and my plan was to use it as a base and sew new fabric onto it but when i got it i saw how cute it was and it was also in really good condition so i decided to keep it. Its handmade and i can see a mum or grandmother sitting making this and it being used by maybe two kids and then passed on to end up at a charity giveaway and finally it ended up here.

Every morning when we go into Maja she is lying with her head up at the top of the bed. No matter how low down we put her in the beginning of the night, she wriggles up. So hopefully this will protect her little head a bit, not that it has been a problem with her hitting it or so but better to be safe than sorry.

Here in Australia they recommend you not to have cot bumpers to prevent sids but i have no problems with using one. I know Maja will be fine. The only thing i can see that will be a problem is she having fun with the ties and trying to pull on them.


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