Friday, 12 August 2011


I have been told that the first designs that i put up didn't show up on the blog. I don't know what had gone wrong but hopefully you can all see them now.

Yesterday i went into the city and had a hair cut. It was very long overdue. Didn't do any big change, just thinned it out and cut all the split ends off, but it was so nice to get it done. Maja was a trooper and charmed the whole salon.
On my way home i thought i go and have a look at the new Zara store. For you who live in Sweden, we don't have H&M here and up until about a month ago we didn't have Zara either. I am very happy its here, i have missed some good clothing stores that are a bit cheaper. It was super busy in there but i still managed to find about ten garments that would fit into my wardrobe perfectly but i was being good and only ended up with a pair of chinos. I still haven't gone back to my usual weight so i don't have many pants to wear do i def needed these.

Last night was a bit better for all of us.  Maja slept a bit more and i got a bit more sleep too, not enough tho. Woke up with a super sore throat this morning. She doesn't seem to have any fever any more so hopefully her snotty nose will go soon and her eczema is getting better so maybe we can get back to good nights sleeps soon.

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