Tuesday, 16 August 2011

This and that!

Yesterday when we were over at Max and Linda's, Maja really liked to play with Max's soft toy elephant so i decided to make my own for her. I used the same shape elephant as i use here on the blog and boy did it turn out ugly! At least she likes to play with it.


Today we went to the aquarium with Rebecka and Linda. It was alot of fun and the kids really enjoyed it. Afterwords we had a stroll through the city, sat on some stairs and ate amazing sushi. Now we are home and Maja is playing off all her energy on the floor. I'm exhausted, its hard work going to the city with a kid.

Maja loved watching all the fishes.

Seriously massive and scary crab.

The swedish crew!


I have almost finished our picture wall now. I still have some frames to fill. I'm happy with the result. I didn't plan it at all, just put them up as i went. Some of them are a bit wonky but i don't mind.
Spring is here now and i love all the beautiful blossoms that you can take inside. The water for these does need a changes tho, the colour doesn't look to nice.



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