Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Since we had the bad thrush session Maja have been suffering from eczema on her whole body. Its worst around her neck, arms and legs but its is the neck area that is creating a lot of discomfort for her. For the last two nights she have been up crying and itching until it bleeds, poor little darling. We have tried almost everything but nothing seems to help. Sometimes it gets better and sometimes it gets worse but we haven't managed to figure out why. Still, she is such an happy baby and a trooper but nights are a bit hard. Since it all started she haven't actually slept a whole night through, which is understandably, but it does make me a bit sleep deprived sometimes, but i am so happy to be there for her and give her comfort.

This is what I'm working on now, or this is the remnants of what will become a dress for Maja.


Note to self; white tights, dirty floor and crawling baby is not a great combination.


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