Sunday, 7 August 2011


We had a very good weekend. Arron wasnt very busy at all with work so we spend a lot of time together. Friday night we had a pizza marathon and made 8 pizzas, very tasty. On saturday morning he took me out for a breakfast date at a new cafe. It was such a great place, they make their own coco their, from grinding the bean and all. Had hot chocolate and it was amazing. The food was french and very yummy too.



On sunday morning we went to camberwell market, i made some great finds, like this amazing bowl that i have been looking for for ages but they have alway been way to expensive but this time we found it cheap. Also found a tin to match our two that we already have in the same pattern at home, and then i found a really cute fabric for Maja.

Lunch in the car.

Very yummy.




After the market we went home to Lynne and the boys for lunch, we havent seen them in ages so it was fun to hang out with them for a while.

Now its monday and Arron is off teaching, Maja is sleeping and i have a mountain of dishes to deal with.

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