Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Yesterday i made my first ever lasagna! I even made my first ever white sauce. I found this recipe from a Swedish cookbook for a aubergine and chorizo lasagna and thought that it sounded good. Off to the supermarket i went to get the ingredients but i couldn't find any aubergine, I asked the staff but no one knew what it was. I was a bit confused, because i knew that aubergine wasn't a very rare vegetable but i couldn't figure out what it was. In the end i had to call Rebecka, i had a feeling that maybe i was using the Swedish word for the vegetable but i had a mind blank and couldn't come up with the English one. Luckily, Rebecka came to my rescue and told me that is was eggplant i was after. Sometimes you really mix up the English and Swedish.

Anyway, the lasagna turned out great, maybe not as filling as i would have liked to but very tasty.
Yes, first ever white sauce in the making.

Oh, and have a look at this little one, falling asleep on her tummy in the pram, hugging Boris the teddy.
Right now we have taken away her dummy and trying to teach her to fall asleep by herself. Before she got her eczema she was a very good sleeper and slept through the night and very well during the day but when her eczema started she stopped and this weekend it became a bit to much for me not getting much sleep at all so we decided to teach her to fall a sleep buy herself and without the dummy. I am amazed at how good it have been and it was so much easier than i thought it would be. Don't take me wrong, it have been hard but not super, duper hard. Now its been two nights and it takes about 10-15 min for her to fall asleep by herself, and then she sleeps all night through again, go Maja!

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