Monday, 8 August 2011


My inspiration for sewing have been lacking for a while now. I think with all traveling and everyday chores i haven't been able to find the inspiration to sew but then i got this beautiful pattern book in the post from Diana yesterday and straight away i got inspired, so today i did this dress for Maja. It was suppose to be a prototype since i was doing the pattern myself but i thought that maybe it could be a prototype that she could wear, but i sewed the bodice on back to front and i really cant be bothered unpicking so this will be a one time only wear prototype. I am very happy with the style tho, and the fit is really good. Now i will make it in a cute fabric. As usual Maja was happy to be a model.


Maja, the perfect model, pulled up the skirt so that you
can see the bodice.

Here it is very obvious that the bodice is sewed on
back to front. Its a bit big.

Yepp, super happy and loving life, even when my mom makes
me try on dresses in cold weather.

Having a play with the foot and then noticing daddy who just came home.

This is the Japanese pattern book that Diana gave me.

Today we went to story time at the library. Maja really loves going there and listening to the stories, but mostly i think she likes looking at all the kids.


  1. Oooh so nice to be inspired! Thats dress is really sweet. And I LOVE your new blog design too.

  2. Great dress! I have the same book, though I wish mine was in plain English too. If you are looking for further inspiration, Karyn from makesomething has sewn various dresses from the very same book.

  3. Thank you both, im happy that you like my new design.

    Regarding the book, thank you for the link Sophie, very inspirational. I want to get more of them now and yes its great that it is in english, makes it a bit easier ; )