Thursday, 11 August 2011


It obviously wasn't enough with eczema, now its super runny nose and fever at the same time. Again a very ruff night, at least I'm lucky that Arron is home a bit today so he can help out a bit. He will have to go soon tho, for band practise and later on tonight a gig.

Even tho i have been super busy with Maja and a bit sleep deprived i have managed to get some work in. Here are some ideas for business cards and tags. I'm not sure about the business cards at all. Even tho i really like the crinkle paper effect i think i might get tired of it and it wont last.

I know there are a lot of people reading this blog and i would love to have your comments so pls let me know what you think, it wont take too long. Thank you!

Picture 67

Picture 68


  1. Hej, där det skulle vara foto finns inga bilder. Jag undrar vad du tänkt använda korten till?
    Jag gillar den logga du har nu med din egen text och det skrynkliga. Kram mamma

  2. Lilla Lilla Maja! Usch dom första månaderna är det svårast att reda ut sånt dä sån avlöser feber och snuva varandra mest hela tiden och blir vardagsmat ;) Hoppas hennes eksem vart bättre.
    Jag tycker grön/vita labels passar bäst. Allt var lika snyggt men dom två främre helt klart!