Monday, 9 May 2011

Cutest pants ever!!!!

So i just finished these pants, how cute are they! I got the pattern from Dans La Lune but i changed it a bit, and yes, this was another PDF pattern but firstly it was so much smaller than the other one so much less paper to print out, and secondly so much better done with no cutting needed before sticky taping it together.
Unfortunately Maja is sleeping so i cant try them on. I was trying to come up with reasons to wake her up but in the end i realized that i just have to wait.
I will also make a jumper in the same fabrics, cant wait.

Maja woke up and played model. They are a bit big but she will grow into them in no time.
Look at her toes, so cute!

She likes being on her tummy.
That's it for me for sewing today, i think. I am a bit tired and just feel like taking it easy for the rest of the night. Cinnia is coming over for dinner and i don't know what to cook, hmm, chicken something.


  1. Nice job! I love that pattern, but I've only tried it in the wide leg pants. What a lucky girl Maja is...