Thursday, 5 May 2011


The sleeping bag is finally done and it fits perfect, or its a bit big but she will grow into that in a sec. Its really, really cold here now. When i woke up this morning it was 14 C in the house, bbrrrrr.

Posing face

The osteopath was great, he is so good. I will have to go back a few times tho, he also gave me exercises to do, need to strengthen my abdominal muscles.

Tonight me and cinnia will do a healthy dinner and movie, no pizza, fries and ice cream, probably bean salad and fish, so good.

Maja, ready for IKEA
We also went to IKEA today, now i have all the frames i need to finish off the picture wall. We also got a rug for the hall and in the 'as is' corner we found another kitchen chair, same as we already have  but super cheap. Nothing wrong with it, just an old display.

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  1. Hello! Just popped over from my blog to yours as you do. This sleeping bag is so awesome! Its exactly what I need for my son who is a blanket kicker. Did you use a pattern? Looks so snuggly and warm, and green for a girl is so refreshing. Cute name maja too. Happy sewing this week for KCWC. xx