Wednesday, 25 May 2011


There is something wrong with blogger again, so annoying, haven't been able to post.

Today have been a busy day sort of. Maja has a cold and the only way to get her to sleep is to hold her so i have spent a lot of time on the couch with her not getting all the things done that i wanted to but now when i think about it i actually managed well anyway. I cooked dinner, lentil soup. I did all the dishes, one load of washing, went for a big walk and went to the post office. I made muesli and i baked my sourdough bread. Didn't really want to do them and Maja was crying but with sourdough you sort of have to if you have started the proofing and unfortunate after a lot of work they failed. But i will try again. Haven't done any sewing, i am working on another birthday present and i have also started on a sleeping bag/liner for the pram, it is so cold here now so i need something to keep Maja warm on our walks.

Got a present from Sweden the other day from beautiful Jessica. A cute dress that her daughter wore, a really good book with helping you understand your little one and a cute toy for Maja.

I did do some sewing, this little bag to have on the pram where
i can keep my phone and keys. The bassinet had one and when
we changed I really missed it so i made one. Its in the same
IKEA fabric as the sleeping bag will be in.

Arron is away this weekend, he is playing at a festival and he also have a gig tonight and one tomorrow so its just me and the girls. Hopefully Maja gets better so that i can hang out with some friends and their kids.


  1. Vilken fin lite "väska" till vagnen!! Smart när man inte vill gå och dra på en stooor väska. jag såg också att du fick boken jag skrev om, hoppas verkligen du har nytta av den, det hade jag! Skulle funnits en från ett år och framåt också bara ;) kramar

  2. Super snygg väska Lisa! Ngt du kan börja sälja?/malin

  3. Tack Malin, ja kanske det, har fatt en bestallning redan.