Thursday, 5 May 2011


So i finished all the sewing on the sleepbag and all that was left was to put the snap buttons in place but since i used two pieces of fabric with wadding in between to make it warmer it is now too thick to put the snap buttons on so i will have to come up with something else to close it up, darn!

Right now I'm cooking bolognese and have muesli in the owen and trying to get Maja to sleep, multitasking, yay. Cant wait to eat my bolognese, so long since we had it.
Tomorrow i have a osteopath appointment and i really need it, my back and shoulders are so sore. This guy I'm going to is really good so I'm sure i will feel much better soon. Especially my shoulders get sore from walking with the pram, today i went for two very long walks and i really feel it now.

So Maja is sleeping now and my bolognese is ready so its time for dinner.

Update; forgot the muesli and now its burnt. Not very good at multitasking.

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