Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Våga lyckas!

A while ago i started thinking about a project that i wanted to do. I was very excited about it and couldn't wait to get it started. I told people about it and mostly i got positive feedback and encouragement but from some i got a bit of a negative feedback. Mostly i think it was because they didn't want me to fail and to be disappointed. I really dislike that mentality, i have always thought that if you want something and if you go for it to 100% you will succeed one way or another. Even if the end result might not be what you were hoping for you did at least learn something along the way and that is the best thing. There is also this thing about being scared of succeeding, scared of making it.
I think i got a bit affected by the comments that i got and it annoys me that i did let that get to me, now i have doubts in my mind and i haven't worked on my project at all for a long time.
I will try now tho, to start it again and give it my all, and i will try to not be afraid of success, but even now as i am writing this i am feeling doubts about it. So i will try not to think to much about it and just go for it.

Also, if i write about my project here so that you all know what it is it might make it harder for me to come up with excuses for not going ahead with it. So here we go.

I want to design a range of kids clothes, or i have already designed most of them. Then i want to contact a group of ladies who have a knitting club and i would like to get them to knit one garment each. Then i would like us to have an exhibition together and auction off the garments and for all proceeds to go to charity. I would like for this to become a recurring event and i would love to pair up the ladies with young kids so that they can teach them to knit and knit the garments together and i would love for the exhibition and auctions to become a community event where the old and the young are in the spotlight. I would love to find a sponsor or a scholarship to pay for the wool, because i want to use nice wool which is expensive.

I already have the number to the lady who coordinates these knitting groups so i just need to pick up the phone and call her, maybe the ladies don't even want to do this, and i also need to start to contact companies who could sponsor with wool or to apply for scholarships.  But do i really want to do this? Is it to much work? I don't know. Do i have doubts because of some of the reactions i got or do i have doubts because i rather do other things?

I will have a good think about this today and tomorrow i will make a decision. Either i do it and then i will do it to 110% or i don't and i will be happy with that and concentrate on something else to do and not think about it again.

Luckily this little one will be happy whatever i choose to do.

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  1. Hi Elisabet. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I really like your blog too and wish you all the best with this amazing project. I can't wait to hear how it turns out. xx