Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Lately i have been noticing that i don't listen to my intuition enough. So many times i have thought something och felt that something is gonna happen, don't listen to it and then it happens. Like yesterday, i needed to get a urine sample from Maja and to do that i had to put on a bag on her inside the nappy. While i was getting ready i was thinking that maybe she will poo and i should wait, but then i thought again that no, she pooed yesterday and it was a big one and she poos every second day, so, i put on the bag and the nappy, got her clothes on and put on in her bouncer and then of course she poos. Quickly i take her up and take of her nappy, poo all over the bag, no fun. But at least she had already managed to wee so we got some for her sample. Lesson learned, i need to start listen to my intuition a bit more.

Cute bird nest that had fallen to the ground 
Yes i know, best jacket ever!!!
It kept me so warm so i actually had to open it up later.
And best little girl ever!!

Having hot chocolate at a bench in the sun.
How cool is the bench?
This morning we went for a walk to hand in the wee sample to the doctor. Its a beautiful autumn day here and perfect walking weather.

Ok, now its time for dishes, scones and some sewing. Don't know if i will do a top matching the pants, don't have a pattern for that tho so i will have to make that first, or a dress.

I had planned to go to a training class today but I'm still very sore in my back so i will take it easy at home instead.

Update; Its poring down outside now, so lucky that we got a beautiful walk in the sun and now its perfect for inside sewing and scones and definitely heater on!

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