Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I forgot!

I had just fed Maja and was wiping up some throw up when the phone rang and it was my friend Ben asking me where i was and that they were waiting, oops, i forgot. I was having dinner with some friends tonight and i TOTALLY forgot about it. Luckily it was at Jacinda's and she lives just around the corner from us so i was there in a tick. Unfortunately i had already eaten so i only had some of Jacinda's salad, she always does great salads. But it was really great to See Ben and his girlfriend, haven't seen him in ages.

Now Maja is a sleep and i think i will go to be too, Arron is away on rehearsal and will be home late.
Tomorrow I'm going into my old job to say hello, i really miss Gustav and Sigourney so it will be great to say hello to them, and i will love to try on all of their awesome clothes.

I recon this Goal board is pretty cool. Would be good to have and write down your goals for the day, even if it was small ones like smile to a stranger or clean the toilet.

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