Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I watch a lot of TV and movies. Since I'm home alone, most of my meals is in front of the TV, with a movie on or with a book. I also like to have the TV on as back round noise. Lately i have been feeling that i would like to get rid of the TV or at least i will limit the time i have it on. I really don't watch it that much but its on a lot. Like last night i was in front of the TV doing this LOVE word while Arron cooked amazing mushroom risotto for dinner. I used aluminium wire and then some wool. This was a practise round, i want to do one with Maja's name. I thought it was cute, Arron thought it was a bit bogan, i agree with him a little bit.

So i didn't really watch TV but it was on. Anyway, well see how i go, to begin with i will try to be more aware of how much i have it on every day. I suppose that if i read a book i don't need it on. And i can have music on as back round noise instead. I wish i could have swedish radio on but that is a bit hard.

Yesterday i woke up with a full on head ace and it stayed with me all day, not fun. Its a bit better today but it is lingering. I drove Arron to work and then me and the girls went to the beach. After that we went to spotlight, they had a sale on and i wanted to get some winter curtains. Since they only are using single glass here in their windows and it is getting really cold here during winter, most people have long thick curtains to try to keep the cold out a bit. It took me ages to find some that i liked and then when i went to pay for them i found out that they were the only brand that was NOT on sale, of course. I couldn't be bothered anymore, Maja was starting to whine and Lena was out in the car, so no curtains for us.
We also had mothers group yesterday. Talked about starting with solid food. In a way i cant wait to start but in a way i quit like just having to breast feed, its easier.

Maja, my amazing girl, is sleeping now so i will try to do some sewing.

Happy Wednesday all.

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  1. I think your 'love' has a lot of potential. Haha you can always count on your man for a reality check. We got rid of our tv two months ago for financial reasons (eeek) and I have to say how much of a blessing in disguise it is. When I'm zapped of energy I want it back but for the most part we spend more time being 'present' as a family...