Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Cloth nappies!

So i bought a few cloth nappies when i found some on sale and tried it on Maja last week. She was not happy. From having a very good day, she became grumpy and cried a lot. As soon as i changed into disposables again she was the normal super happy Maja. So i figured that she is used to the disposable and to not feel wet which of course is not very nice. Also, every time she weed it leaked. But i didn't want to give up. I really want to use cloth, for the environment but also for Maja. So much better to have something natural against her super soft skin. Today we tried again and so far she have been super happy, so fingers crossed.

Since we came home from the hospital i have used wet ones to clean her bottom but i haven't been happy with that either. Just use one time and then throw away, such a waste but i didn't really know what to use. Its my first little one and i don't know these things, anyway i decided to cut up some face washes that we had at home ( we have so many since Maja was a throw up machine in the beginning ) into smaller squares and sew the edges and now we use them and some water and then we wash them with the nappies. So much better for the environment and i think Majas bottom is happier too.

Update: Maja woke up crying, i took the nappie off that was wet and after a while she was happy again. I think i need to become better at changing it more often so that she is not wet for too long.

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