Friday, 24 June 2011


If you scroll down a bit you will see the pants that matches the kimono. Such a funny outfit.

Taking steps with help of daddy.

After a big poonami i had to change the clothes
underneath so i also changed the kimono over.
Don't know which side i like the most.

Yep that was a lot of photos of Maja. Sorry about the quality, sometimes you just cant be bothered. As soon as you take the camera out she calms down and gets happy. If she is crying she stops when the camera is out so she is a lot of fun to take photos of and also she is super cute so its hard not to snap a picture all the time.

Today i went to bunnings, i have a lot of project that i want to do for the house but i was very disappointed there. I only found one of the things that i wanted and the whole visit took me about an hour.

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