Saturday, 4 June 2011


This morning the Light family went for a run. While i was running around the oval with Lena Arron walked with Maja and then we changed over. I feel that i really need to start training properly and get my body back. I have started to do strengthening exercises every morning and now i will try to start the running too.

Looking cute for the party in the 'pear me' set.

Not really wanting to lie still tho.

Playing with dad at the party

Fuzzy birthday boy, he was moving so much.
He had a really cute bow tie and vest that Linda had made.

Sleeping in dads arms

Managed to get one unfuzzy photo of the birthday boy.

Max and Maja entertaining the grownups.

Super cute in beanie that one of Arron's students wife knitted

Yesterday we went to Max's birthday party and it was great. Lots of people and lots of fun. We were all exhausted when we got home. I did give him the whole set of clothes, i hope it fits him well.

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  1. Her outfit is so lovely, especially the boots hehe. Do you find they stay on? My little man kicks them off within seconds!