Monday, 27 June 2011

Quick fix!

I'm a bit of a fan of quick fixes! I am very impatient and want things done quick but i am getting better patience and i am getting better at letting things take its time.

In the last couple of posts it have been about quick fixes until i can get it how i really want it and here is another one of them.

The previous owners of this house had installed this weird alarm system and in our bedroom is the main control panel if you can call it that and its big and super ugly. We do not use the alarm and we would like to take it away but our landlord wants to keep it. Since Maja moved into her own room we haven't decided how we want to furnish our bedroom and we are still moving things around, so until we have decided for a more permanent way to have it i wanted to find something to cover this ugly alarm thing.

I had this old frame at home that i painted white ages ago and i also have been having this fabric in my stash for years and years so i just married the two and this is what we got. I think it will look better if the frame was black, but that will be another project. Now i don't know which way is supposed to be up or down on the fabric. I think the top picture is right.

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  1. Jag håller med - den översta bilden känns bäst! Kram syrran