Sunday, 5 June 2011


So the other day when i woke up i thought ' hmmm its not very cold today, it must have been a mild night, maybe i wont put on the heater'. Well, i walked into the living room and it was 14 degrees! How crazy is that, i have become so used to it to be freezing when i wake up, around 10-11 degrees so when its 14, yes 14!! i think its warm. At least now we finally have heaters in the bedrooms. Our Landlord is the best ever! He called me the other day and said he had been thinking about us and Maja and that it is so cold now that maybe we would like to have some heaters installed in the bedrooms, so nice. We are very lucky.


  1. We almost never turn the heater on. It's such a difference from Europe, isn't it? Outside is much colder, but then you go in and it's warm and relaxing.

  2. Åh, lilla söta Maja :) puss o kram/Malin