Wednesday, 1 June 2011


I havent written here for a few days now, time just passes buy so fast. We have been having some amazing days here, with full sun and temperatures up in the 20.

Last night i finally finished my biggish project. It have taken me way to long. I had problems with the pattern, first i decided to grade it but then i realized that it as the wrong style for the person who would get it so i had to come up with something new. I can show you pics yet but as soon as the person gets it i will show you. I am not entirely happy with the result. I had some problems with the seams and the stretchy fabric, but it looks ok.

Today i went to Savers with Jacinda and i found so much stuff. I bough a cute pattern for Maja, a pillow case and two tablecloths that i will convert into clothes etc. I also found a long sleeve men's top in nice stripey fabric that i will make some baby clothes off too.

How cute, maybe in different fabrics and colours tho.
Amazing colours and great fabric.
This table cloth reminds me of Sweden.
Coolest pants ever!
Today i made this 'pear me' top for Maja again and in the right size. I just love this colour combo.

Had to put one in on my super cute daughter.

Maja is sleeping now so i will do some cleaning before im off to dinner.

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