Saturday, 25 June 2011


On friday i went to Bunnings and i came home with a lovely plant but i didn't come home with a pot for it. I find it hard to find nice pots and if i find one i like they cost about a million dollares which is a little bit to much for me. So i decided to make one that i can use until i find one i like for the right price and this is the result. I'm not sure if i love it or not but i have decided to give my other plants the same pots so that they can all match. Its made of felt that i sewed together and it took about five seconds.

Look at the little one, she have figured out that if she bangs the maracas on the ground it will make a sound, so cute. Oh and if you look closely you can see her throwups on the floor next to her, the ones Lena didn't get to, yep super clean house!

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