Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Run Down!

I have been feeling a bit run down the last couple of days and i also managed to get thrush on my nipples so every time i feed it feels like some one is cutting my nipples with knives. I have a good cry every time but im really starting to fear feeding time. I have got some creams and stuff so hopefully that will help. Poor little Maja have it in her mouth so it hurts for her to feed and she cries sometimes too but not too much, she is a trooper. We both have got a runny nose so i think today will be a calm one with a lot of cuddles on the couch.

Yesterday we went to song group at the library. Maja loves it, or i dont think she really cares about the singing but she loves watching all the other kids.

My darling is asleep now and i will do some sewing.

Happy wednesday.

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  1. Lisa, det var tråkigt att höra att det gör så ont :( . Det finns väl inget mer råd man kan ge, bara ett stort KRYA PÅ DIG. Kram, kram från syrran.