Sunday, 12 June 2011


Last night we were invited to an Sri Lankan charity dinner. We had decided to go, to eat some lovely Sri Lankan food for a good cause. We also decided to take Maja with us since the dinner was to start at 6.30pm and we could put Maja to sleep in the pram. So we were excited. It didn't turn out that well tho. The same day we found out that dinner didn't start until 8.45pm, we tried to get someone to baby sit but with no luck which was no wonder with such a short notice. On the way there we got lost and couldn't find the place, finally we found it by luck. We got introduced to a lot of people and got some seats and all seemed fine, but then, the music started and it was really loud. We had to walk out to the foyer but it was still very loud out there too so after a while of not knowing what to do we decided to go home. We got home at around 10.00pm. I fed Maja and then we put her to bed. Me and Arron had some crackers and cheese for dinner and a couple of beers. It was a great first dinner outing ; ) We did learn some things tho, that maybe find out exactly when dinner is gonna be served, if there is gonna be loud live music early on etc. At least we had fun together me and my family.
Maja super cute in her dress. At the dinner people still thought she was a boy. Probably because she was wearing blues and not pinks.

Yesterday i started doing this pattern for pants with a type of gusset going up on the back. I finished them today and im happy with them but i think it will look better if the gusset is wider so i will change the pattern and try that.

Hanging out with Daddy playing guitar.

Maja is becoming so interested in Lena and wants to touch her all the time, it is so cute.

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