Saturday, 18 June 2011


So there have been some painful and hard last couple of days, or more like a week actually.
It all started with that me and Maja got thrush. Every time she feed it felt like someone was cutting my nipples with knives or using ruff sandpaper on them and it was really painful between the feeds too. Maja was in pain to and cried a lot during feeds.
I got some creams and it started to help but because Maja had been in such a pain feeding she had been attaching wrong so then i got cracked nipples, which is also super painful. Then on Friday Maja started to throw up blood and we rushed to the emergency. Luckily it had nothing to do with Maja, it was my cracked and bleeding nipples that was the cause. While feeding she got blood with the milk and then her tummy got upset and she threw it up. So to give my nipples some rest i started to express milk and then try to feed her from a bottle. First time it took about 45 min to get her to eat from the bottle but after that she was happy to take to the bottle. It took about 45 min to pump and sometimes i still didn't get enough milk for her. We have had some really hard nights with a lot of cries and waking ups but this morning finally she could eat from the breasts again and it was not pain full at all! Yay, hopefully everything will go back to normal now, but boy am i tired.
Oh and i bought some new clothes yesterday from one of my favorite stores, country road. Felt that i needed it after all that have happened and also because i have been wearing the same pants for over a year, its all i can fit and i am so sick of them.

Now Maja is sleeping and i am hoping to get some sewing in, havent done much at all this weekend.

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