Friday, 3 June 2011


Today we are going to a 1 year old party. Little Max is growing up really fast. Max have a special place in my heart. When i was pregnant and i had all the complications, i really didn't want to be pregnant and i felt like i was having an alien in my tummy, but i had some good sessions with Max where i just hold him for hours and it made me feel happy about being pregnant and to look forward to seeing my little one.

Last night i sew a pair of pants to him, i think they might be a bit to big tho and this morning i made the top which I'm not happy about at all. The neck line is dumb, all wobbly, the cuffs are dumb. Nothing really worked on this one. Don't know if it is because its a gift and i really want it to be perfect or because I'm doing it last minute. Its also hard to make the pattern when you don't have anything to compare it to to see if the size is right. I'm also not really friends with my overlocker, there is something in the settings that makes it so hard to use on some fabrics. Since I'm so unhappy with the top I'm not sure i will give it to him, but it will look dumb with just the pants. The stripey fabric is from a long sleeve men's top that i found at Savers the other day.

Time for me to have a shower and to get ready, I will let Arron decide if we should give him the top or not.


  1. Thank you so much for stopping my Love The Day! I am so impressed that you made this! Only in my dreams:)!!

  2. Very cute outfit. In my dreams, too...