Monday, 25 April 2011

Back to normal!

So Maja's sleeping is back to normal. Last night i put her to bed at 9.10 pm and she was asleep at 9.11 pm and I woke up at 7.30 am and had to go and wake her for a feed so we both had a long nice sleep.

I feel that to 90% i understand my daughter. I mostly know why she is crying or in what mood she is in but sometimes, like the other night she does something that i don't understand. Why was she waking up and crying through the night? At least it was a one off and we are back to this normal amazing connection that we have between us where i know what she wants. I can understand how it can be hard for Arron sometimes because for me it is so obvious what she wants when she cries or make noises. I can in a second hear the difference in her baby talks from being happy to i had enough of this but for him its harder to hear, I suppose mothers have this special connection with their babies but then I also spend so much more time with her than what he does.

All three of my beautiful family is sleeping now, but soon its time for them to get up and we will go to the beach today. It's going to be a beautiful day today, 24 degrees Celsius and i cant wait to get to the beach with my family.

There haven't been much creativity here on the blog lately. Its been school holidays here and Arron have had two weeks off from work so we have been doing other things. I am still in the process of cutting out the patterns for the sleeping bag for Maja, i might finish it off tomorrow and then i can start sewing. I think my least favourite part is to cut out the fabric, its time consuming and not fun.

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