Sunday, 3 April 2011


Maja is sick today, she have a bad cough and a runny nose. My poor little darling.
Sick little darling trying to get some sleep between her coughs.
We were supposed to go and visit Rebecka and Moa today but decided to stay home and try to get better.
I made this blanket to her today, brightens up the cot a bit which is a bit too white with no sheets in it.

The bird mobile is approve, she loves it!

I have realized tho that my camera is not very good at taking indoor photos. Would be nice to have a better one but that can wait, so sorry for a bit crappy photos every now and then.

Went to play golf at the oval. Lena finds it really hard to
wait before she runs after the ball.
Look at that swing and Lena pose, so ready to run as soon
as Arron hits the ball.

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  1. Så himla pysslig du är! Jag har inga bra superlativ, men kul att du har kommit igång med allt pysslande! Kram, kram