Thursday, 28 April 2011

Denim jacket!

Maja with her new favorite teddy bear from Malin.
Arron left for Thredbo this morning. Yesterday he worked all day and then he had a gig and now he is on his way for another gig where he will stay over for the night and then there is another gig on Saturday night and then i will finally see him on Sunday when he wakes up. Being married to a musician i have had to get used to him being away at nights and on weekends but i find that it have become so much harder to cope with now when we have Maja. But it is his job and it is something that he loves and that he have dedicated his life to do and i do support him to the full but i do also miss him when he is gone.

Yesterday me and Maja went for a little adventure on two different trains and we ended up in a part of the city that i haven't been to before. We met up with Rebecka and Moa and went to a market. A bit of a posh market with beautiful stalls and beautiful goods. We had a lovely lunch and wished we had more money to spend on all the lovely things. On the way home i decided to treat myself so i got a 30 min shoulders and neck massage. I have so sore shoulders at the moment and this massage did wonders. I also bought these amazing flowers.

Lena, who always wants to be a part of what you are doing.

Hanging out with my new denim jacket

It's a bit big tho.
Jacinda came over later in and she had bought an amazing denim jacket for Maja, i think she might have to grow a little bit more before she can wear it tho.

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