Tuesday, 26 April 2011


So yesterday we went down to Torquay. When i worked for Rip Curl i live down there. It's a surf town about and hour and a half from Melbourne. I sort of miss living there, so beautiful and peaceful.
We had a perfect day down there. Ran in to Tina, who i got to know at Rip Curl and her boys Oscar and Felix and they had so much fun with Lena. We had a great lunch and then a beautiful walk on the beach in the sun. Back at home we had Arrons amazing Vietnamese soup, a bit too spicy for me this time but still amazingly good. I eat so much spicy food these days. When i was pregnant i got of it all, couldn't handle it but now I'm back on it and i love it. Then we had lovely ice cream for dessert. A great day!

A boy was flying his kite on the beach.

Trees that have been bent by the wind.

Being down in Torquay made me realize how much i miss surfing. I don't miss the winter surfing tho, so cold. You had to have booties, gloves and a hood and to duck dive gave you the biggest head freeze ever. We decided that next summer we will go down and surf again. Probably a bit easier when Maja is a bit older.

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