Thursday, 7 April 2011

Embracing the sugar!

Before i got pregnant i was a very healthy eater. I really enjoy food and i eat a lot but i mostly eat healthy. But then i got pregnant and i got so ill, i was throwing up all the time and had constant illness feeling. For a very long time all i could eat was fries which is something that i very rarely eat. Then i had the craving for carrots, ate a bag a day. Then it was the mashed potato period, Arron was really happy when that was over because that was all that i wanted for dinner. Then came the sugar period and did i embrace it? I LOVED it and ate a lot of it. It was summer so i ate ice cream every day. Found some nougat at Aldi that was AMAZING and ate that a lot. At the end of my pregnancy i had put on 20kg, not all from unhealthy food mind you. As soon as i wasn't feeling ill anymore i stayed away from the fries and ate healthy food for me and my tummy.
But now Maja is out and i have decided to stop the sugar. Every now and then, yes you can treat yourself to something sweet but i try to stay away from it as much a possible. It gives me more energy, less headaches and i feel happier when i don't eat to much sugar.

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