Friday, 29 April 2011


I was reading on a blog regarding motherhood. First i read about it on underbara Clara and then on Lyckobacken and I feel a lot like both those women.
When i was pregnant Maja slept the whole night through in the tummy. Everybody was asking me if she kept me awake and i said no and was happy because i got a good nights sleep. Their responses was that, you just wait, as soon as she is out she will keep you awake. Maja was born and for the first two weeks i think she kept me awake but then she started to sleep through the night. My Maternity wife told me to wake her up to feed her which i did but it felt wrong, so i stopped doing that too and since then she have been sleeping through the night and she have been happy about it. When people find out about this their first response is, you just wait, she will soon get into a growth spurt and THEN she will wake up for feeds during the night, it was like they couldn't be happy for me having a good nights sleep. After hearing this almost everyday i was waiting for it to change, for her to start waking up and for my 'Luck" to end. But then i decided to stop thinking like that. Another thing was that with having her sleeping through the night i was going to get blocked milk channels and oh that was horrible so i needed to feed during the night or at least pump the milk out. I didn't and i have never had any problems, of course my boobs are big and a bit sore in the morning but i can deal with that.
Then its the thing about what an easy child Maja is. The only times she cries is if she is hungry or tired and then its for a few minutes and that's that. While she is awake she is very happy to entertain herself but she is also very happy to hang out with other people. Sometimes she is a bit grizzly but i don't pay to much attention to that, so she stops. Everybody keep on telling me how lucky i am to have such an easy child and the ' you just wait ' underlying tone was always there. It was like people just couldn't be happy for me. And do you know what, i don't think it has all to do with luck. I just think i am a great mum and that i have great instincts and that i can read Maja very well which means that we get along very well. I get time for myself and she get time for herself and then when we hang out its awesome.
Not to say that mums who have babies who cries and don't sleep are not great mums or that they don't have great instincts, i think they are amazing mums and i am so impressed by them but i am impressed by ALL mums, we are all doing an amazing job and we are all fantastic, we just have different relations to our babies and i think we need to start to embrace that and be happy about each others experiences and except that everyone is different but that we all are doing and amazing job, stop comparing yourself and your baby with other mums and babies. I have and i enjoy motherhood so much more now and I am a great mum!

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