Friday, 15 April 2011


Today i came up with my theme for the designs and got really inspired, sort of have 7 designs figured out, i love it when you are at this stage and you have found your 'red thread' that will bring it all together. Tried to talk to the ladies today too but no answer. I am very excited about this project and i hope it will go well. Oh that's right, you don't know what it is ; ) oh well, you will have to wait a bit with finding out.

C ute!

This is a great internet shop with contemporary handmade, fair trade and ethical products, and i really like this shop with a lot of cute soft animals.

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  1. Hi Elisabet! We have these paper fish. They are adorable. Fushia gave them to us as a baby gift. We made a mobile from them that moves so beautifully in the breeze. Thank you for your advice on the bird mobile...I am still working on them...Iris x