Friday, 1 April 2011


I made these clouds today. I copied this lady who makes beautiful ones. When i saw them i realized how easy it would be to make them. I have all this felt here at home, some i have died so i tried to use some of it for this project today. Arron didn't like it, or he liked it but didn't like that i copied someone else and i agree but sometimes things are really good and they don't need any changes, i am giving her all the credit for the great idea, she is using better colours than me i think. It was just a fun and quick project to make. Sometimes just want to make something that takes no time at all.

Also look at this,
first corn from our veggie patch


  1. Vad fina :) Jenna har också moln i sitt rum, fast målade på väggen :) Kramar Frida

  2. I've seen these too. I don't think its a problem that you copied them, its not like you are selling them or anything. They're just for your don't worry.