Thursday, 7 April 2011


Today i made some shoes to Maja. Even tho she cant walk and it will be months and months until she will i thought it would be fun to try when i saw these ones. I changes the pattern a bit but otherwise its a great tutorial. Now i want to make some for me but before i do i will get some proper needles and thread for leather. The felt i had at home, i got some rolls of it from Andy, Rebeckas partners. The leather i have heaps of at home too, i got it from work, so these shoes are super cheap and perfect for indoor.

Yesterday Maja turned on her side for the first time and of course i was there with the camera. Its funny how you become when you are a parent, me and Arron were so happy and just sat and watched her for ages moving around, so much love.

Funny face Maja

When i was hanging out the washing earlier Lena was very excited and wanted to show me something on the ground. This is what i saw. Shes a bit crazy our dog, doesn't know if she is a dog or a cat. She has also caught a lot of birds that she eats but usually she leaves some parts of it that she shows us with a lot of pride.

A little mouse.

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