Monday, 18 April 2011

The best!

One of the best things is to get a package from home. Today one finally arrived from my amazing mum. Its not a big thing i suppose with a package and a little note but it means so much to me and i also know the time, money and effort mum puts in to getting these packages to me. This time i got a really good breast feeding top that also looks great, stripes is definitely my style. I also got some books. I am a very big reader, read one to two books a week and i love to read Swedish books when i can but its hard to get hold of here. Me and Rebecka do a lot of swapping with Swedish books which is great. But still we run out of the Swedish ones very fast and then i have to read a English one but i don't enjoy it as much. Some warm woolen socks, i have found it hard to find some good ones here in Australia. And last but not least, KP;s barbecue spice. I use it on popcorn, i know, weird, but its the best thing. I have tried with heaps of other spices but this one is the only one that makes it, so mum sends it down to me, that and försvarets hudsalva (Swedish lip balm) is the things that i have sent down to me on regular basis.

Tack mamma, du är bäst!
Maja all dressed and cute ready for IKEA.
We went to IKEA last night. So good to go there in the evening, not may people there at all and you can easily walk around and get the things you want.

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  1. oh vannen vad mysigt med paket! Boken 'hundraaringen' ar helt underbar! kram kram